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  Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Another Review in the Digital and Analog Dragons Section - 3h44 PM - Tempest
I have added another review in this section. This one is about Xcalibur, a computer animated series in a Camelot-style world of knights and sorcery. From what I have seen so far it is not bad and the graphic are very good. Also, the series has a cute little dragon named Wip and that remind me of a old AD&D characters but I guess that another story for another time.

In this period of the year, it is relatively easy to find series and movies in relation to fantasy and magic. I think it will be a good time for a TV station to air the Flight of Dragon.

At any rate, since server space is no longer a problem there will be other updates this week.

  Thursday, December 19, 2002

Additional Server - 10:00 PM to 1h00 AM - Tempest
I have moved the following sections on our new server:
- The Artistic Section
- The Digital and Analog Dragons Section
- The Role Playing Section
- And most the the picture used on the Message Board will also be moved there too (not that I think anyone actually care about where such pics are hosted)

This also means you will no longer have to bear the annoying ads of geocities and their unreliable servers that constatly put the whole sections offline because it uses too much bandwidth. Beside of that, I have made a few modifications here and there in some sections.

Also, I have make sure that the sections moved somewhere else has been replaced with a index telling you where the new section is located so your bookmarks will not display an 404 error but you will have to see the nicely done redirecting page :)

Note that the sections on geocities will not be taken offline, but they will no longer be updated.

  Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Digital and Analog Dragons update - 2:07 PM - Tempest
Not a big update; I have added a review about Dragonheart - A New Beginning today. It make at least one review in each category.

  Saturday, September 28, 2002

Digital and Analog Dragons update - 11:55 PM - Tempest
I have added two new reviews in this section. It took me some time to make sure the design was okay since all reviews will use the same template and a few mistakes could result in a lot of work to correct them once there will be several reviews in this section. The first review is about Castillo a stop motion puppet animation featuring a young dragon as the main character. The second is about Drakan - Order of the Flame, a game where a swordswoman soul-bond with a dragon in order to defeat the force of evil.

If you want to write a review about a movie, a game or something you saw on TV, you can send me your review and I will display it into the section.

Note: with this update, this website makes around 35 meg, not bad at all when I compare it with the archives of some years ago :)

  Wednesday, September 11, 2002

New Donation Section - 3:41 PM - Tempest
If someone is interested to support this site, there is a donations section where you are able to leave a few dollars to the site. This money will not goes into my pocket, it will be used to purchase webspace on a new server for the sections of the site that are on Geocities.

If you can support this site, your help will be greatly appreciated, if you can't (for various reasons) don't feel bad about it.

  Friday, September 2, 2002

Advanced Description Update - 6:50 PM - Tempest
A minor update, I have added more pictures and I have updated the old ones. I will come with new theory and correct the mistakes in this section very soon.

  Friday, August 29, 2002

Message Board: Gold Community - 5:00 PM - Keyla
I daresay that by most standards the recent changes have made this board achieves a huge step forward... The overall design has been improved and the absence of advertisements is likely to be enjoyed by everyone.

  Friday, August 23, 2002

New Section - 10:26 PM - Tempest
I worked in the small hours last night to get the new section design completed. Usually I code HTML as fast as I type but as you will soon realize this one was not the usual simple but efficient design I have used on this site so far. You can look at the code if you truly want to see what I mean :P

The new section is devoted to the dragons of the analog, digital and virtual world; in other words, dragons in movies, small screen and games. The main goal of this section is to review the movies/games/small screen series, display snapshots and have links to more advanced information such as fan sites and producer site; this section is NOT just list.

The only reason for this section to not be available as I am writing now is because I need to fix the last glitch before the online release, beside there is no review available yet but I will add at least two in the next few days. As usual, if you so chose, you can help me by send me your review/screenshot/etc of the dragons games and movie you know and your review will be added to the list (there will be an example in the section). Note that even if someone already reviewed something, this doesn't mean the "place" is taken, a movie (as well as anything else) can have more than one review attached to it and it is always good to have a second opinion.

  Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Messages & News Update - 1:25 AM - Tempest
Not a huge update but I have made this section the way I wanted it to be. The new section will now have a more "message of the moment" function rather than being used so rarely that nobody even bother to look. It is also easier to edit and manipulate for me, which is an incentive for me to write there. I have also added a rant on how MSN manage their "featured site" list.

I am also working on the other parts of the site, there will be several changes and improvements, I was just delayed by unreliable computer hardware.

  Friday, June 1, 2002

Main Page Song: Greensleeves - 19:51 PM - Tempest
I like this song for its strong association with the Middle Ages despite that I have read its musical patterns put it firmly in the late 1600s but I admit the first song sound not very good on anything else than SB AWE 64 (possibly some other older sound cards). In fact, the old song was too dependant of the type of configuration you have even with the "right" sound card, on the other hands the new one sound great on most cards I have tested and with standard configuration.

  Friday, May 18, 2002

New and Updated Role Playing Sheets - 15:06 PM - Tempest
I have embed TrueType fonts in all Word documents and fixed incorrect display issues in some of them. This way you no longer need to download the special fonts I have used to create these files.

Also, I have added two new documents, one about the dragon's spell (as you can expect dragons have a different view about magic and it's application) and the other about the kind of magical item intended for dragons.

  Monday, March 18, 2002

Links & Rings Update - 11:14 AM - Tempest
Just basic maintenance: I have cleanned up the broken links and add new ones.

  Friday, March 8, 2002

More Poetry - 10:38 AM - Tempest
I have make some minor change about the page design, moving the poems into two columns and this update has doubled the section content.

  Saturday, February 18, 2002

Message Board Available - 1:25 PM - Keyla
This board has been designed to provide answers quickly to your questions and to promote the exchange of ideas about the site, dragons and other subjects as well. I will be the one in charge of the board management.

  Monday, December 10, 2001

Council of Wyrm Project: Scanning Completed - 4:00 PM - Tempest
I have finished scanning the last page of the Council of Wyrms boxed set. I will now be able to ship the Council of Wyrm Projet via mail since I definitively do not possess the web space to make it available online.

For those you wish the know more you can ake a look into the special Role-Playing section. This CD can be quite useful since a CD is much easier to carry around than a boxed set.

  Sunday, July 29, 2001

The Official Map of the Council of Wyrm - 4:31 PM - Tempest
A minor update, I included the official poster sized map of the Io's Blood Island Chain. If you have access to those office printer that can handle 17"x11", this map is right for you

That all for the Role-playing section, I will now focus my attention elsewhere on this site.

  Saturday, July 28, 2001

The Complete Half-Dragons handbook - 2:21 PM - Tempest
This is something I have been working on for a very long time. It contain a lot of information and I didn't wanted to let this work fall into darkness. Some images where copyrighted and taken directly from the web, I am currently trying acknowledge all the work to their proper authors.

  Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Council of Wyrm Clan Map - 7:45 PM - Tempest
I have included this map to person who want to know what the Io's Blood Island Chain look like. Also I always find this useful to have a small copie of the map distribued to the players. When you talk about the Bronze Sea, they know exactly what your talking about.
Also, the Map display the location of all the clans, with 88 clan on a single map, this is very helpful to know what belong to who. Especially when you are the storyteller.
If you want to have a better understanding of the Io's Blood Island Chain, this update will be very helpful.
I will try to update other section soon.

  Wednesday, May 27, 2001

Role Playing Section Update - 6:29 PM - Tempest
Someone send me a quite impressive definition of what is role-playing. I thought I would share it with all of you.

  Wednesday, May 20, 2001

More Web Space - 8:37 PM - Tempest
Finally, I decided that buying web space was too costy for me. So I sign up for a free server. This is made to have more information and artworks here. The transition between the two server shoul be as smooth as possible.
If I can get extra meg on my server at a raisonable price, I will cancel my account at geocities.

  Monday, April 30, 2001

Role Playing Section Update - 4:37 PM - Tempest
Not a big update, I just add the new Priest Character Sheets.
This is all for now...

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