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  Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Redirection Pages - 2:17 PM - Tempest
I have set redirection pages for every sub-section of the website that has been moved therefore old links will still lead you to the correct address. Also I moved the main page directly to the index instead of using "dragons.htm", it's simpler that way.

  Thursday, December 14, 2004

Account dropped - xx:xx PM - Tempest
Http://www.colba.net/~tempest1/dragons.htm is no longer the correct URL to reach the website main page. The correct URL is http://www.colba.net/~tempest/

I will leave a redirect on the old address but you should update your link as soon as possible.
Title icons and emoticons URLs have been fixed to reflect the website URL change.

  Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Link fixing - 5:17 PM - Tempest
Fixed many invalid URL between the two servers.

  Monday, November 11, 2004

Moving Section to Dragnix.Net - 11:11 PM - Tempest
Since Colba allow me only 10 meg of webspace, I have moved a Introduction to Dragons, FAQ and Dragon: Everything you wanted to know to Dragnix.net. Eventually, I want to leave colba entirely but these is so many link from other site that it may not be possible until a long time.

  Monday, January 6, 2003

Update of the Update Section (!?) - 12:02 AM - Tempest
Nothing very impressive but this had to be done. I have revamped the design of this section; the text should now be much easier to read and the message boxes should appears as more defined.

  Friday, January 1, 2003

From Tail to Snout Section Update - 11:58 AM - Tempest
I was feeling to add a sub-section in the Advanced Description Section (ie From tail to Snout). The longest sub-section so far, it contains several explannations and theories about the various type of eyes dragons are shown to possess such as the ones with a vertical pupil, a round pupil, pernese crystalline eyes and even glowing ones.

I will see what I can do for the others section as well.

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