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Name: Xcalibur
Production: Ellipsanime, TVA International
Year: 2001
DVD Release Date: November 15, 2004 (region 2 only)
Genre: Adventure / CGI / Animation
Rated: General
Running time: 24 min.
Number of episodes: 40

Dragon Contents:
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R a t i n g :
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This section contains pictures that you may prefer not viewing if you haven't seen the animation yet.


Princess Djana


Prince Erwann (Djana's father)

Prince Bragan / Kwodahn

Wip (as a statue on Erwann's helmet)

Wip first appearence (revived)

The Great Shogi Master

Erwann turned in stone

Tara (barbarian / woman of the sea)

Evil guards

Herik, a Shogi apprentice

The Royal Palace

Wip again

An impressive guard

Walka (witch form)

Erwann family's standard

Wolf / Zoldan (shaman on the right)

Djana surrounded by some imps

Walka (former sylph form) / Bragan

The Queen and baby Arthus

Some ghost riders (undead horsemen)

King Arthus / Mussi (governess)

The Sylphs: Fedora / Walka / Sapphire

Djana wearing her father helmet

The End