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Name: Xcalibur
Production: Ellipsanime, TVA International
Year: 2001
DVD Release Date: November 15, 2004 (region 2 only)
Genre: Adventure / CGI / Animation
Rated: General
Running time: 24 min.
Number of episodes: 40

Dragon Contents:
This rating only indicates the dragon contents and importance they play in the movie/game/episodes reviewed.

R a t i n g :
This rating indicates how good or how bad was the movie/game/episodes reviewed. A rating of 5 stars on 10 is considered as the average which mean it is not good but not bad either.


Xcalibur excerpt: Episode 5 - A Charming Prince
This is a small excerpt from an episode of Xcalibur, you will need to download DivX (http://www.divx.com/, it's a free codec). Once the codec are installed, you will be able to play the movie.
File size: 17.9 MB
Length: 1:48 min