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Name: Dragon Tales
Production: Sesame Workshop
Director: Phil Weinstein, Michael Hack
Created by: Ron Rodecker, Jim Coane
Original Aired Date: September 6, 1999
DVD Release Date: August 1, 2000
Genre: Animation / Fantasy / Educational
Rated: General
Running Time: 25 min
Number of Episodes: 94

Dragon Contents:
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R a t i n g :
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The playroom

The dragon scale


Mr Dustfree Gnome

Quetzal (yellow dragon in the middle)

Trumpy the troll

Kiki / Finn

The Giant of Nod

Ord / Max

Zak (green) / Wheezie (purple)

A spiny-pine

Max / Emmy / Cassie

Dr Booboogone (left)

Princess kidoodle


Creepy Cavern

Cloud Island