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Name: Dragon Half
Production: Kadokawa Shoten, Victor Entertainment
Directors: Sachiko Kobayashi, Masahiro Koyama
Original Aired Date: March 26, 1993
DVD Release Date: September 24, 2002
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Anime
Rated: PG-13
Running time: 26 min.
Number of episodes: 2

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This section contains pictures that you may prefer not viewing if you haven't seen the animation yet.


Ruth, the Red Lightning

Such a lovely couple

Mana (polymorphed form)

Rosario surrounded in a mysterious mist...

... the trick is to use dry ice

Pissed off (chibby style)

Such a lovely couple (again)

A slime (named Venus) holding a People potion

The "Mighty" Damaramu

Princess Vina (human form)

Venus's child (People potion doesn't seem to change genetic)

Princess Vina (left), King Siva (right)

Lufa (an elf)

Mappy (a "mouse")


A light saber kind of blade

Dick Saucer

Damaramu with an arm machine gun

Dug Finn