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 Post subject: The last great dragon
PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:42 pm 
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Location: Somewhere over the river and through the trees he is hunting the big bad wolf with a table knife.
(EDIT: This story has adult themes and us meant for the more mature. Not much is ever really gonna happen but there will be a lot of hinting. Chap 2 soon 4/10/15

Chap 1

The fresh breeze that whipped past me failed to steal the scent of Jennifer’s perfume. We’d known each other only a few hours but I was convinced that she was going to be the one keeping me company tonight. I couldn’t fit a girlfriend into my life right now with my studies and my work taking up so much of my time. All I was after tonight was someone to share the night with and to my surprise that’s all she seemed to want too.
The cool night was quiet this late. Most of the small college town had gone to bed. Jennifer laughed as she told me about her classes and a particularly easy to manipulate professor. We were crossing a park on the way to my dorm when she took me by the hand and led me into a stand of bushes saying, “C’mon”.
“Where are we going? I thought we were headed back to my place?” I asked following closely.
She stopped “You really think I’m going home with you? Look, I like you and I want to have some fun but I don’t want snooping roommates or rumors in the morning. Besides haven’t you ever done it in public? It’s such a thrill.” She whispered back to me.
“But I don’t even have a condom with me, its all back in my room.”
“Don’t worry about it, we’ll improvise. Besides I have a surprise for you.” She said before she turned and continued on.
‘Improvise with what? There is nothing out here.’ I thought to myself but I never fell behind. Finally we emerged into a small grove sheltered by thick bushes on all sides and a canopy of dense trees. Within the grove was a small campfire already burning strong and a medium size tent.
For a moment I thought I heard faint animal growling but Jennifer let out a soft whistle and two girls crawled from the tent, both were completely naked. I stared at the exposed bodies of the girls who just smiled back at me. Jennifer walked past me towards the girls pulling the clothes from her body as she went. Before she even reached them she was as naked as they were. Jennifer kissed each before turning and throwing an arm over both of the girls and saying, “This is Melissa and this is Tiffany. Surprise.” All three were eye-bogglingly beautiful.
I was dumbfounded to say the least. I opened his mouth and it took an effort to speak. “Its not everyday a mans wildest dreams come true.”
“Lover you have no idea” Jennifer said with a wink. “Now get your clothes off and get over here.”
As I removed my clothes I kept looking up at the girls and their gorgeous bodies. The three turned and I caught a delicious flash of rear-end as the girls made their way into the tent. Jennifer was the last and looked back just before she disappeared inside. The look on her face made me stop dead in my tracks; one shoe off, one in hand and about to join the other. It took me a moment of hard thinking to figure out what I had seen, or rather, what I thought I had. It almost looked like she had a snout and yellow eyes that looked at me with hunger. It didn’t look human.
Knowing if I walked away from this opportunity I would regret it the rest of his life, I continued to undress. I set aside memories of rumors, people killed and eaten by animals in the neighboring countryside. I even convinced myself it had been a trick of light and shadow caused from the campfire. Finally naked myself I crawled into the tent.
Poking my head through the tent flap I saw the three of them sitting cross-legged on an air mattress. Within moments all three girls were all over me kissing, licking and sucking every part of my body. I let my hands explored their bodies and I was just beginning to loose myself to their feminine wilds when I opened my eyes. It was dark inside the tent but I could make out their forms and their faces. Inhuman faces with snouts and fangs. I began to kick and scream, desperately trying to get out of the tent. But the three held me down with impossible strength. Above me their bodies began to change, fur bristling as they laughed.
The ground under me bunched and explosion of rock sent me flying from the tent with all three girls. We all tumbled across the ground in the clearing. Looking up I saw a woman standing in the clearing. She was tall, powerfully built and even more beautiful then the three girls before they started to change; she wore some type of skin-tight gray jumpsuit that matched her equally gray long hair. I couldn’t tell her age, she looked incredibly young but deep lines of maturity outlined her face. In her hand she held some type of huge mallet, I remember thinking to myself it almost looked like a much bigger version of Thor’s hammer.
The wolf-girls had gained their feet and were now roaring and growling menacingly at the newcomer who just stood there calmly waiting for them to make the first move. I tried to get to my feet but an invisible weight dropped me back to the ground and I couldn’t get up. I was forced to lay there in the dust naked and watch. I couldn’t distinguish between the girls anymore; they all looked the same, all fur and claws and fangs.
One charged the gray haired woman. She spun gracefully, stepping to the side and bringing the hammer up under the jaw of the attacker. There was a sickening crack and the wolf-girl toppled backward as her momentum carried her past the woman. With the same spin the woman brought her hammer up over her head and with two hands hurled it with incredible force directly at one of the remaining wolf-girls. It caught her in the chest and she along with the hammer shot from the clearing as if from a cannon.
The last wolf-girl paused for a moment before roaring in rage and charging the gray haired woman. She dropped to all fours and made a super human leap while still about fifteen feet away. The wolf-girl sailed through the air all fangs and claws. The woman in gray acted as if she had all the time in the world, her face still showing only calm. Kneeling she placed a hand on the ground; as I watched her hand glowed gray for a moment. Two pillars of solid stone erupted from the ground right in front of her at perpendicular angles from each other. Meeting in the middle they caught the wolf girl in mid-air and crushed her as easy as stepping on an insect. A leg dangled from between the stone pillars, thick black blood dripped rapidly off of it.
The woman finally looked at me, her face was placid but her eyes held emotion deep within. “Get dressed,” she said in a soft light voice that belied what she had just done. I felt the invisible force lift and I hurried to dress under her watchful gaze.
“Thank you. Who are you? What were those things? How did you do that with the rocks?” I asked many questions. She didn’t answer any but once I was dressed she approached me and placed her hands on either side of my neck and closed her eyes. Her touch was cool but I felt a warmth enter me from her hands and sweep across my insides before retreating back through her hands. “Whoa.” I exclaimed at the odd sensation.
She opened her eyes and removed her hands. “They didn’t get a chance to bite you, you’re lucky, you’re not infected.” She said
“Infected! So, they were werewolves? Aren’t those just in myths and stories? It isn’t even a full moon out or anything.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say and she didn’t reply.
Lifting an arm she placed a hand on my forehead and said, “sleep now”.
My body went numb but I didn’t fall asleep, it was the oddest sensation I'd ever felt. All I could feel was pins and needles over my entire body. “What the hell” I said wobbling dizzily.
A look of unadulterated pure shock swept her face. I remember only because it was the first emotion I'd yet seen. She brought her other hand to my forehead and gritting her teeth my eyes closed and blackness overtook me.


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 Post subject: Re: The last great dragon
PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:21 pm 
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Location: Somewhere over the river and through the trees he is hunting the big bad wolf with a table knife.
Chapter 2
Soreness woke me, my body felt like I had slept on a rock all night. Opening my eyes and looking down I saw that I had. I was laying on the floor of what I almost seemed like a castle. Its floors and walls were made of worked stone but there were no windows. The only piece of furniture I could see was a wooden chair. Two hallways left the room, one of which, had a door at the end; I couldn't see down the other from the angle I was at.
The previous night’s events raced through my head. I sat up and stretched my sore muscles. "What am I going to do now?" I said to myself.
"Oh, your awake now are you?" A woman's voice said. I heard a chair scrape and woman stepped around the corner before walking over to stand in front of me. Like the woman in gray, her age was indeterminate, she looked young but her appearance showed signs of wisdom and maturity. Her pale skin was contrasted by the extreme darkness of her hair and clothing. She wore a full body black dress made of silk with a wide slit on the right side that went up to her hip and showed plenty of cleavage. "Are you hungry or thirsty?" Her voice had a rich playful lilt to it that almost seemed flirtatious.
"Uh, sure." I said without taking my eyes off of her.
She smiled and leaned forward at the hip, reaching down to caress my cheek. The motion caused her breasts to swing forward and nearly come out of her body suit. I tried not to stare but gulped back my embarrassment. "We, are going to have a lot of fun." she said chuckling to herself before standing and walking down the hallway towards the door at the end. Her hips swung seductively from side to side as she left.
What is going on? Thoughts raced through my head but all I had were puzzle pieces that I couldn't put together. Who is this woman, who was the one in gray, where am I, who, what were those girls last night that tried to eat me, why is this happening to me. All I had were questions. Why is this happening to me, yesterday I was a normal college student and now I feel like I'm in an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer.
The door opened and the woman in black came through the door carrying a tray of food. She walked slowly across the room, each step with her right leg literally bringing the entire leg out of the dress and she again bent forward in the same manner as she handed my down the tray of food. Just as before, her breasts were perilously close to falling out of her dress.
I found myself waiting, holding my breath. I let it out saying "thank you" as I reached up for the food.
She pulled up the single chair in the room and sat down. With her eyes fixed on mine she slow, deliberately, crossed her right leg over the left. The folds of the dress prevented me from seeing anything; but, from the amount of now exposed flesh of her leg and hip, it wasn't hard to conclude that she wore absolutely nothing under the dress. My blood was boiling, food was forgotten and right when I was on the verge of losing control of myself to some kind of primal urge she spoke, her question recalling me to the present.
"I bet you have a bunch of questions." Her voice teased. "My name is Shade, my sister you met last night is Quake." She laughed deeply at the queer look on my face over the odd names. Her right leg slipped off the other and she leaned forward enough to cause her breasts to swing pendulously. “You”, She then poked me in the nose” “are special” she continued as she leaned back. “Or, Quake thinks so at least. I wish I had been there when you stumped her. She is always so, hmm” her voice trailed off thoughtfully “stalwart” She concluded. She laughed again, Out of us all she shows the least emotion but at heart she probably has the deepest emotions. Maybe that's why she is so hard to talk to.
“How many of you are there?” I asked interrupting her reflections.
She looked down at me with a wry smile, “Seven, there are seven of us, each beholden to a different element.”
Her eyes burned holes into me as the confusion swam through my head. Every answer she gives me just confuses me further. “I thought there were only four; that is, if you’re talking about elemental elements.” I said feeling stupid as I talked.
“Actually there are nine, elemental elements.” She smiled using my phrasing. “It’s broken down to three principles of magic. Each principle with three elements each. But, this isn't something you should be hearing from me.”
“Because I don't know if we’re going to let you go or kill you yet silly”
I didn't know if it was the playful way she said it or what she said, but I couldn't suppress a shudder.
“Shade!” A woman's voice came from the hallway. I was so enthralled by the charms of Shade that I was completely oblivious to the entrance of the newcomer. “What have you been doing to the poor guy?” she said indignantly
“Tidal, I was just having a bit of fun.” Shade said briefly turning to look at her.
Tidal had waist long dirty blond hair and wore a deep blue pair of padded pants. Over her equally blue shirt she had a metal brazier with linked shoulder guards. “What's your name?” she asked with a warm smile.
“James, James Malachi” I said
“Well James, why don't you come with me? Quake may love sleeping on a rock slab, but I can't imagine it being very comfortable for you.”
“I am kind of sore from it.” I said as I started to get to my feet.
Shade leaned down to pick up the tray so quickly that her breasts swung down and literally slapped me in the face. I lost my balance and fell backwards nearly hitting my head on the wall. She then stood looking down at me with a twinkle in her eyes said “no harm love, maybe later I can help to, relieve, those aches.” Then quietly laughing to herself, she turned and strode from the room.
Tidal watched Shade stride from the room before turning her attention back to me. “I'm sorry, Shade tends to be a bit, flirtatious.”
Understatement much?”” I muttered under my breath as I got to my feet.
We left the room and headed down a series of labyrinthine tunnels. “So explain these elements to me please.” To my surprise I found myself utterly fascinated at the concept, more so than where I was or the werewolves.
“Whelp, hmm, where to start. There are nine elements broken down into three principles. The principles are Spiritual, Ethereal and Physical. Spiritual governs the elements of Lightning, Shadow and Mind. Ethereal governs the elements of Fire, Ice and Life. Physical governs the elements of Water, Earth and Wind. I'm a user of Water mostly.” She held up a hand, palm upward, while we walked. Slowly at first but more and more rapidly tiny droplets of water seemed to condense out of the air and congeal forming a baseball sized globe of water. As it coalesced the air in the hallway became noticeably dryer.
She played with the water, absentmindedly molding it into various shapes as we walked. “Each element has multiple dynamics as well. For example, Lightning is actually 2 sub elements. Light and electricity. They kind of go hand in hand but both are used in conjunction. There are aspects of it I don't understand myself, I'm a water girl not a lightning girl, Volt could tell you more. There is definitely an overlap between the various elements, but never within the same principle. It's not easy to explain. Water as an element would be better described as liquid, because I could do this with any liquid, even the blood in your body, but blood is a component of the Life element and the way water is shaped it can sometimes take on similarities to both Ice and Shadow forms. “
“So then, Water, Earth and Wind are basically manipulation liquid, solid and gaseous states of matter? I asked
“Ya know, I'm starting to think Quake might have been right about you. I'll save the rest, Volt is going to want to talk to you. She will answer all of your questions.”


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 Post subject: Re: The last great dragon
PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:41 pm 
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Location: Somewhere over the river and through the trees he is hunting the big bad wolf with a table knife.
Chapter 3
Tidal led me to a large room, well adorned with furniture. In the center of the room was a well-lit table with 4 women standing around it, each wore a different color; I could see yellow, red, purple and gray.
“Greetings sisters. This is James.” Tidal said as we approached the group
“Uh, hello.” I stammered.
“This is Volt, Blaze, Frost and I believe you've met Quake.” Tidal continued
In the light I noticed Quakes outfit wasn't a jump suit, It was a suit of metal. Innumerable tiny metal hexagon shaped plates interlinked into a suit that hugged her body like a second skin.
Frost had Dark Brown almost black hair that was down past the middle of her back. She wore tight purple slacks that molded to her curves and her sleeveless jerkin was equally tight a crossed her chest. The collar of the jerkin was wide open sitting lightly on her shoulders and leaving her arms bare.
Blaze wore a red one-piece leather body suit that extended from fingertip down her body and cut off at mid-thigh and leaving about two inches of skin before her red thigh high boots continued the red to her toes. She had a tight red breastplate and metal shoulder guards. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her back in loose waves.
Volt's platinum blond hair was worn in a single braid that extended to nearly her knees. She wore leather pants and top of a golden yellow color adorned with various metal plates designed for protection.
Every one of the sisters I'd so far seen were gorgeous and seemed intelligent if a tad odd and this was no exception. Blaze snorted in derision at the look on my face as I sized them up and fire exploded in her hand coalescing into a large axe before dying. As it died it left behind a metal weapon with rune markings that covered its blade.
“He’s just like any of em, there’s only one thing he cares about.” Blaze said as she looked to Volt.
“No, no, honest. I want to learn about these elements.” I said panicked
Volt raised one eyebrow at that and glanced to Tidal who smiled back. “Really now do you? And what makes you think that you’re going to learn something?”
I looked around from one to another. Tidal is the only one who seemed to give me any encouragement. “I’ve already learned some things, Tidal and Shade taught me.”
Volt looked over to Tidal again and without breaking the look said “Tidal, I’m going to have to speak to Shahalla about this, before anything else, happens. Why don’t you take James here somewhere he can be comfortable and relax, maybe get something to eat and drink while we discuss what will happen.”
I smiled until I saw the look on Tidal’s face and then it faded.
“This way” she said and turned to walk out the door.
I followed after Tidal; but glanced back to see the four with their heads close together speaking rapidly. By the slump of Tidal’s shoulders I knew this couldn’t be good.


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