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Saturday, December 16th 2000

In a movie far far away...

New Movie: Dungeons & Dragons

I feel compelled to put some words on the new D&D movie that has been released a week ago... I do not intent to write a review here nor do I claim that this little message is anything more than my opinion.

Now about the movie, let just says that the movie stand in the pure tradition of Hollywood (where they insist more on the special effects and much less on the story line). I know that there is a book on the movie, which is (experience tell here) probably much better (just try to compare the book Jurassic Park to the movie of the same name).

It still worths seeing if your truly addicted to good vs evil story, otherwise I would recommend you to stay away and either read the book or to wait for the adaptation of Lord of the Rings to come out...

(A review of the movie by Declan McCullagh can be found here)

- Tempest

Saturday, January 1st 1960

The Armageddon clock

Welcome Year 2000

I am feeling a bit disappointed that we didn't get screwed back into the Dark Age. Apparently, the Y2k bug was that there wasn't a Y2k bug... It's some sort of paradox; a bug in a bug or perhaps the sand of the Y2k Armageddon clock got damp thus the bug didn't wake on time, got stuck into a snow storm or something and couldn't make it on time. It's still too soon to know what happen to him, let just hope he's fine...

Happy Y2k,

Monday, October 26th 1999

The Microsoft Network

Special thanks to the MSN Netsearch Staff

Since September 26th 1999, this site is now presented by the MSN Netsearch as a featured site. The result of this is that the traffic has now gone from 200 visitors per day to 400 visitors per day, making the D.R.A.G.O.N.S. web site one of the most popular dragons sites on the web.

This message is to show our gratitude toward the MSN staff who has chosen to promote the interests of this site.

Many thanks to all of you who has help us to build this site.


Wednesday, June 16th 1999

It has been a while since the last update...

Due to the large amount of E-Mail we receive each day, a FAQ will be added on the main page to answer the common questions thus enabling you to find answers more quickly.

NOTE TO ALL PERSON WHO HAVE SENT EMAIL DURING 99/01/01 to 99/04/25: I am very sorry if I was unable to answer your email, my work have hinder me to do many essential updates and checks. Anyone who feels that his/her E-Mail was left unanswered for a long period of time, should re-send it.


Wednesday, February 10th 1999

Another advertising banner


TV.COM is a show produced by CNET and this site will be plugged during the show (on Saturday, February 13th)...

I don't really know what they will do exactly; say some comments, do a review or just say the URL and that all!? I don't know... Anyway, who wouldn't be happy to see his/her website on TV :)


Friday, January 1st 1999

1998 Overview

I am pleased to announce that the D.R.A.G.O.N.S. web site has received 35458 visitors for the year 1998.

We have answered over 700 E-Mail the last year... And even if we have encounter some problem we have confidence in facing the next year.

Thanks for everyone who have supported us,


Monday, November 9th 1998

Please note that on October 2nd 1998, at 6:30pm, there have been a complete update of our systems. All this has being done to improve the efficiency and reliability of our systems.

During this update, the mail has accumulated, and unfortunately, there are terrible delay in our answers to your questions (an average of 2 weeks). We strongly recommend you to use mail PRIORITY. All the mail service personnel is doing their best to fix this situation as soon as possible.

Thanks you for your comprehension.

The Technical Support

Monday, April 27th 1998

Please note that on April 27th 1998, from 7:30am to 11:59am, there will be a complete interruption of following network services:

- Mail server
- Web server

All of this is being done to improve the infrastructure of the Network. The administration of ColbaNet thanks you for your comprehension.

The Technical Support