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Drakan - Order of the Flame

Game Name: Drakan - Order of the Flame
Plateform: PC using Win9x
Developper: Surreal Software
Year: 1999
Genre: 3D action-adventure game
Rated: Mature - Contain animated violence, blood and gore

Processor:Pentium 166Pentium II 233
Graphic Card:4MB Direct3D Compatible8MB Direct 3D Compatible
Sound Card:Direct Sound CompatibleDirect Sound Compatible (A3D or EAX)
CD Rom drive:4x8x
Hard Drive:320MB (space)400MB (space)
Controllers:keyboard and mouseForce Feedback Joystick
Direct X:6.16.1 and above
Multi-Player support:IPX, TCP/IP - 8 players

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Shadow of Light
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