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Drakan - Order of the Flame

Game Name: Drakan - Order of the Flame
Plateform: PC using Win9x
Developper: Surreal Software
Year: 1999
Genre: 3D action-adventure game
Rated: Mature - Contain animated violence, blood and gore

Processor:Pentium 166Pentium II 233
Graphic Card:4MB Direct3D Compatible8MB Direct 3D Compatible
Sound Card:Direct Sound CompatibleDirect Sound Compatible (A3D or EAX)
CD Rom drive:4x8x
Hard Drive:320MB (Space)400MB (space)
Controllers:keyboard and mouseForce Feedback Joystick
Direct X:6.16.1 and above
Multi-Player support:IPX, TCP/IP - 8 players

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Reviewed by Tempest
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"...and from the ashes of the Old World, another breed of man will be born.
A man born in peace and not war. And to his kin, the teachings of the
Order will be as a myth.

The sacred pact 'twixt Dragon and Rider forgotten,
dormant in time.

Yet fear not, for when the darkness is once again made flesh,
The Order will ride again, delivering righteous fire from the sky..."

Drakan Order of the Flame is a 3D adventure game for the personal computer market. This game is interesting in many aspects showing signs of innovation in the world of video game where clones are plentiful. You will find many styles successfully gathered in a single game, from the Tomb Raider style of puzzles passing through the third person sword battles to the draconic flight simulator. That it, it seems a bit unfair for the force of darkness but a dragon actually comes to your aid to fulfill your quest and take back your little brother from the grasp of an evil overlord.

The story line:
You play as Rynn a swordswoman from a small village. One day like any other, a horde of wartoks (a bulky and brutal race of raiders) has decided to kidnap your little bother, burn down your village and turn the few survivors into slaves. You are then called to retrieve Arokh soul crystal and bond with him before chasing the hordes of darkness.

In general, the story line is quite straightforward, you have a map with the important points you need to complete before moving to the next task. Surreal has done a great job to avoid making the game repetitive by requiring the player to often disembark from your dragon and explore caves and tunnels before comming back and move forward with your scaly friend. Sometime Arokh can enter with you and explore the underground which add diversity to the game.

In the games your weapons and armor can degrade with the use and with the blow they take. You should note that there is no way to actually restore the condition of an item in your inventory, so don't get too attached to items that seem powerful beside there will still be more that will pave your way.

There is one thing I must deplore from the game story, in fact is as much to do with the main character personality. Rynn motives are sometime just a bit too unrealistic: she will show only interest in her brother, "so what wrong in that" you may ask? The problem lie that when there is an army of evil being, undead and people in unholy armor plotting to bring back their evil master back to the mortal plane, you should at least notice the gravity of what is happening. But in the game, you have Rynn who is still just interested and determined to save her brother; somewhere I think she just don't understand the situation.

The world of Drakan is very well done and the graphics are excellent. The transitions into the different levels were made in a way that make the game go continuous without breaking the story into "level 1, level 2-3, etc..". The game allows you to play in a high resolution with 32-bit colors that result in splendid lighting effect and perspective. However, I must criticize that when the characters speak their lips do not move, it is a noticeable flaw in the well detailled 3d environment that surround the world of Drakan. Despite this flaw, the movement of the characters are natural and the Arokh anatomy is very credible (ie not those dragons with large abdomen and tiny wings).

The Sound & Music:
The sound and music is nice but nothing exceptional. What else to says?

R a t i n g
Graphics:(8.0/10) - Very Good
Sound & Music:(6.5/10) - Average
Story line:(5.0/10) - Fair
Play Control:(8.5/10) - Very Good
Innovation:(7.0/10) - Good
Overall:(7.5/10) - Good
Note: the overall is not an average, but more a general appreciation of the game as a whole.
A rating of 5/10 should be considered as something not good but not bad either (# bad points = # good points).