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Name: Castillo
Production: Madbox Filmtrick, ZDF - Germany
Year: 1998
DVD Release Date: August 29, 2006
Genre: Stop motion puppets animation
Rated: General
Running time: 25 min.
Number of episodes: 30

Dragon Contents:
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R a t i n g :
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Reviewed by Tempest
No alternate review available

Mad Box from Germany recently created a great serie using stop motion puppets called Castillo.

Story line:
Castillo relate the story of a young dragon of the Middle Ages whose curiosity, imagination and inventiveness bring him in a countless of misadventures. From his stone castle of the present time, the now older Castillo tells us the merry stories from its youth.

While these episodes target the young audience out there, I must admit that the episodes contain positive and imaginative ways to face problems; in each episode Castillo faces a difficulty and end up in inventing something to get across it. It is not surprising to see Castillo's works become the frame of some discoveries the humanity made.

Castillo background story is quite simple; he was abandoned in the wood for an unknown reason and the humans in a small kingdom raised him. The young Castillo do not possess wings but the older one do, the authors explain this with the maturation of dragons whose wings grow up when they reach puberty and this constitute one of the innovative concept about the dragons biology.

Despite that the characters are in fact puppets, their movements remain fluid and expressive. The details are not extremely high but remain good enough to not see any serious glitches (remember that each character make about 6 inch high). The style of the episodes is quite special since there are things that appear on purpose when it could be considered otherwise. For example, Doloress has a zipper on her chest and she is wearing shoes despite that she is a bird... it add some humorous elements in the episodes.

Sound & Music
Each episode has it song somewhere, some songs are nice but some other become quickly annoying. The songs usually quite short so like it or not, it is not a major aspect of the episodes. Beside that, the voices are clear and are appropriate for the type of characters they represent.

R a t i n g
Images:(7.0/10) - Good
Sound & Music:(5.0/10) - Fair
Story line:(7.0/10) - Good
Innovation:(8.0/10) - Very Good
Educational Value or
Level of Wisdom:
(7.5/10) - Good
Overall:(8.0/10) - Very Good
Note: the overall is not an average, but more a general appreciation of the episodes as a whole.
A rating of 5/10 should be considered as something not good but not bad either (# bad points = # good points).