The Orbs of Luna

By Tallon Rawson

Chapter 1: The beginning

The capital city of the Humans is Fluctuosus; The capital city of the Elfs is Fara; The capital city of the Dwarfs is Cautes; The capital city of the Minotaurs is Accendo;

Our story begins in a time of war in the lands of Baricuse. Home to the Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, and Minotaurs. The races are fighting over who will lead the other races. The Elves specialize in archery and are the smartest of the races and because of this they dont belive that they need a large army and lost most of their land in the first attack from the Minotaurs. Most of the Elves retreated to their capital city of Fala and were able to keep the majority of their population. The Minotaurs began a seige of the city but with the Elves specializing in archery they were able to keep the Minotaurs from taking of Fala. The Dwarfs began to advance on the Minotaurs and the Humans. The Dwarfs army is the second largest and specializes in using large war axes. The Minotaurs heard of the Dwarfs attack on their territory they sent most of their army to fight off the Dwarfs and the rest were to keep their seige on Fala. With the Minotaurs army seperated between the seige on Fala and defending their land from the Dwarf invasion their army was starting to get tired and losing their grip on the war. The Minotaurs were able to hold off the Dwarfs. The Humans are a well balanced race. They specialize in archery and swordsmanship, and with the Dwarfs army seperated between the Minotaurs and the Humans they were no match for the Human's army. While the Minotaurs were focusing on the Dwarf threat the Elven scientists came up with a way to use their superior athletics in battle by using light weight polearms along with their superior archers. They began to march out of Fala and began to take their territory back from the Minotaurs. Soon the Elves took all of their territory back from the Minotaurs. Dwarf army began pushing more and more on the Minotaurs territory. The Humans began taking the Dwarf territory and the Dwarfs started taking the Minotaurs territory. The Minotaurs were tired and losing until they launched their main army on the Dwarfs and took some of the land back and held up the defense against the Elves. All the races were about to attack one another in one massive battle. They started charging into battle then a white light appeared sending out a sonic boom stopping all armies where they are. The light started to fade and again all white goddess appeared where the light was.

Minotaur Emperor: Who are you exactly?

Goddess: My name is Luna. I created this world and all of you. In my vision you all lived in peace then a stupid power struggle ruins it all. If i want to i can take it all away!

Dwarf Emperor: If we dont fight how will we know who is worthy to lead all the races?

Luna: Theres more to leadership than just military strength. All of the leaders meet in the center and talk about a way to resolve this without fighting after that whatever all of you decide i will let happen from now on.

All of the leaders meet in the middle.

Luna: I'll be back in a few minutes to see what you've decided.

Luna dissapears.

Minotaur Emperor: What are we going to do if we cant resolve this with violence?

Dwarf Emperor: I agree with the beast.

Minotaur Emperor: Don't push me little man.

Elf Emperor: We cant fight we have to work together. We need a peaceful way to live together.

Human Emperor: I have an idea. We should make a council with all of us on it and everything is voted on by us.

Elf Emperor: That could work.

Dwarf Emperor: Sound ok to me.

Minotaur Emperor: I guess. It's not my style but if we dont have a choice.

Luna returns.

Luna: Well have you decided what to do?

Human Emperor: We are going to make a council made up of all of the Emperors of the races.

Luna: Ok sounds good. Good luck and i have a preasent for all of you.

Luna conjures 4 different colored orbs. She gives the Humans a blue orb, the Dwarfs a brown orb, the Elfs a green orb and the Minotaurs a red orb.

Luna: these orbs must be taken care of and in the presence of the one who can release the power inside. Now all armies return to your territory that you have right now. This war is over. In the middleof the land where all the territories meet you must build the Alliance Tower.

Luna fades away. The races return to their territories and start building shrines to Luna in their capitals and put the orbs under the statues of her. They built the Alliance Tower. Now all the Emperors stay there and run their territory from there.


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