Interview of a dragon

By Laura deKit Azevedo

Yes today and today only you may read an interview done by the late journalist Mary Gonzoles on the head Dragon of the DLRUDPH. Her comments have been edited out due to space constrictions and her families belife in not putting words in the mouths of the dead.

A Dragonís Vow

That night was so long ago that I scarcely remember the details but some memories refused to leave my brain. It was a night not unlike this one, the north star lay just there in the clear black sky and the moon had darkened her shadow so that only her claw remained. If I remember rightly the Dragon Bards wrote a song about it.

A dragon rises on wings blood red
Into the night so fine.
A spot of hunting to be done
To feed a family, mine.

I had 3 daughters and one son whoís glistening scales promised to become a deep scarlet much like my own. My mate was a fine dragon of brick red. She chose that night to stay and watch the kids as I went hunting. She said something to me but I forget exactly what it was, it was something about not boiling the eggs on the way home.

A careless wanderer, a waylaid Bard
A warrior, a fight.
Meat is meat when met about
In the dark and moonless night.

I forget how many creatures I caught and swallowed into my gullet that night, all I know is that I was quite heavy when I landed just outside the farm house. Inside two humans were playing some silly game, I was just about to move on when I noticed what it was they were playing with.

Alighting now upon a barn
A sight did meet my eyes
A gentle maid and gentle man
Were casting dragon dice

They were playing with small plastic dice, each die held in it the soul of one of the Dragons. They had been captured by some foolish human playing with OUR POWER. . . oh. . . er. . . excuse me I hope that wasnít important, I promise Iíll pay for it. Anyway back to my story.

I wondered briefly how it was
My kin, their souls were halved
I raged and roared and flapped my wings
The would-be warrior laughed

When that little slip of a boy laughed I at me I must say I was truly enraged. I must of burnt down half his house. His girl screamed at the sight of me and ran as any proper human should but he just laughed as I spat balls of flame at his scrawny form. I was surprised when they did him no harm.

Could it be that Dragon Age
Was over quite so fast?
Was it true that I and mine
Were the very last?

Frightened? I FRIGHTENDED? I am a Dragon! I do not get frightened, I get even. So I tried to squash him. Yes it did enter a bit of doubt into my mind when that did not work. But then, ah then I remembered the holy anthem of all Dragon Kin. "Though paths lead far and memoryís star is dimmed by words unspoken the pride of all the Kith born clans shall never be long broken." So I growled once more and I decided.

I must defend the pride of mine
And all my kin made well
Let no man nor woman fair
Kill us with sword or spell!

So I grabbed hold of his shield. . . I know, the ballad says that I flamed him, we have already stated that his shield was impervious to flame. Isnít this my story to tell? Hmm? I lifted him high as I could considering that I had a gullet full of goodies for the young ones. I dropped him down a cliff and as I had thought would happen his body shattered on the unforgiving rocks below. Then I returned to find the dice that had trapped my kin.

So I raged and so I roared
And so I flamed them down
I melted all their Dragon Dice
And called my kinís soul sound.

I destroyed them and released their spirits to wonder once again across the land of plenty that all dragons go to when they die. For their sake, after dropping of the food for my hungry children and mate, I took on a new job. I began to search out anything that even remotely resembled Dragon Dice as well as kill all I found who were using them.

All that night and all that followed
I flew the skies, patrolled the waters
Searching all who disrespected
The dragonís sons and daughters.

And that was how I founded the Dragonís League to Regulate Use of Dragon Power by Humans or the DLRUDPH or as we of the League call it, the Dul-Ruf. That is why I do these interviews, so that any potential mage or magess would know the fate of Dragon Powers.

Now you know the fate you seek
In taming Dragon Powers.
You have been warned, now flame!
I devour all mortal cowards.

Now if you will excuse me I have to resume my duties. Whatís that? Of course I donít eat them. Mages generally have a bitter taste from all the magic that seasons them. Much to spicy for me, thank you, I am more of a maiden fair dragon myself. I like humans more like you, nice and tender from good living.
Murumph! Ahmph gooph eating.
Yes, brother, you are right, I should stop talking while I eat but the journalists always look so tasty.

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